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Making cars look new so they sell fast





More Competitive Market than Ever

Succeeding in the auto industry has never been more challenging. With a growing number of online competitors coupled with increased buyer’s knowledge and expectations, it is paramount that your cars look great so that they sell fast.


At Integrity Auto Specialists, we understand that without experienced partners to trust, your car’s repairs will take longer and could delay the sale of your vehicles, or worse be a lost sales opportunity. If the repairs are done poorly, it could cause a decline in your CSI, and lose you valuable repeat customers. You need an auto reconditioning partner with the expertise to manage this crucial step in the sales process and allow you to focus on the many other demands you face.

Your Partner of Choice

When you choose Integrity Auto Specialists as your auto reconditioning partner, you get more than just skilled craftspeople who can repair the interior or exterior of your cars; you also get access to our expertise as project managers ensuring your cars are frontline ready fast. This streamlined reconditioning process decreases repair costs and increases your profits.

Choose the Integrity Team to be your partner for:

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Paint Repair

Scratch Removal

Paintless Dent Removal

Wheel Repair

Interior Repair

Headlight Restoration

Clients We Serve


Steven Dooley

Porsche Atlanta Perimeter

"It has been a pleasure working with Integrity Auto Specialist over the years.  They have a great team that truly stand up to the name Integrity.  They do excellent work in everything they do for us.  They go out of their way to make sure their recon work is completed to our expectations since we are a high-line car dealership.  They make our cars look like you would expect to look when purchasing a high end product.  I would highly recommend their services."

Let's talk

Schedule a call to help us better understand how we can serve your dealership. Learn more about the services we provide.


Test Drive

Setup a free demo to see our team of experts in action. This is your chance to experience the quality of our work first hand before you commit to working with us. 


Sell Cars

Start increasing revenue and buyer satisfaction when your frontline ready cars fly off the lot. Our job is to help you sell more cars.


The Integrity Promise

The word Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and fair. This definition is the heartbeat of the Integrity Experience. For over 28 years, Integrity Auto Specialists has operated with the belief that every customer should receive excellent customer service, the highest quality repairs, provided by exceptional people, at an extremely competitive price. That is the Integrity Experience. We do not believe that you should have to choose which of these is most important, we believe every customer deserves them all.

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